The Machine Manager

August 19, 2015Comments Off on The Machine Manager

An Automated External Defibrillator or AED is a technological medical marvel that jumpstarts the heart of the bearer using ample amounts of electricity. Unlike conventional defibs, an AED is much easier to manipulate in high-stress situations, but still require a trained and licensed individual to operate it.

This company has the best program for AED Management, one that could tackle all existing machines in an area easily using an electronic device’s Internet browser. Very easy to perform, install, and do a lot of scans with them, monitor active machines, that kind of stuff.

As an employer, a building owner, you should care for the people around you. Be ready for anything unusual because you may never know when there is a need for resuscitation. What if one of your employees goes down due to heart attack or cardiac arrest, what could you do?

Aside from having the best program for managing the AED of this city, it also boasts the capabilities of the experts. Ask them anything related to AED Management and you will be surprised to notice that they add their personal experiences to their answers, showing just how diverse and versatile they can be.

AED Management will let you see if there are updates, both hardware and software, for the machines. This is to ensure that all your machines are working fine and can do accurate scans. The program will flicker and tell you what’s up with your devices, if any.

Most AEDs found in offices are mounted on walls, anywhere that is accessible. They can only be used by licensed AED practitioners. But what if there are none nearby and someone needs to be revived? Who to call?

Training on how to use AEDs can be in the works. CPR can also be taught as backup skills in case the machines do not work. It is your responsibility to check the machines from time to time because it’s a matter of life and death.

There are different brands of AEDs, one better than the other. They are all good and reputable as defibrillators. It’s not the brand that matters: it is how you use one to its full potential that does. They are all basically the same, except for the parts and certain warranties, so your AED users would not have difficult time operating one.

The best thing about having an AED program is its tracking device on each machine. You will know where a certain AED is, its status, and readiness to be used. It is like reading someone’s name on a guest list and finding their names, whether they were invited or just scribbled out by the person responsible for creating the list.

Once registered with the company’s AED program, they can offer seminars and teaching to better the potential of each AED user. Only licensed practitioners can take a crack at it because an AED is sophisticated and prone to disrepair if used incorrectly.

With AED program, the most complicated things can become simpler.