The Right Approach to Implementing AED Programs

June 17, 2013Comments Off on The Right Approach to Implementing AED Programs

There are a lot of ways to prepare AED programs in workplaces. Most of the time, there is more effort put into choosing between products. On the internet, there are several offers to be found, promising that each is better than the other. Hence, you would think that branding is the most important thing to think about. If this is how the approach you will take in implementing an your own AED system, you will end up disregarding the vital details. This is not a good thing for these details are the key factors for a successful AED rescue.

For your establishment’s AED program, you should have an appropriate manager to handle it. The initial thing that would normally transpire is your meeting with a distributor. As there will bound to be a couple of distributors that you would be interested to look into, it is best if you make each meeting brief and concise. In order to make the transaction smoother, you should assign your AED program manager to draft a series of questions early on. These questions should cover every detail that you need to have in order to make an informed decision by the time you come up with your final choice. The important questions to ask should give you the initial cost of the AED product, the length of its battery life, the cost of its replacement and upgrade among many others. Just consider everything that you need to know for your AED program and you can surely come up with the list of questions of your own.

While technically each AED is designed somewhat similarly to provide a level of shock therapy for a sudden cardiac arrest victim, there are a lot of differences for each device. Knowing about these differences can make it easier for you to know which one is more appropriate for your own AED program. Most of which can be determined with the naked eye. There are the colors, design, durability, level of support and cost. When you are meeting with a representative of someone distributing AEDs, you should see to it that they can promptly answer your questions regarding these details with full honesty. One of the most important things that you should secure when you implement your AED program is that there are people in the area who can use it.

What is the use of having them installed somewhere if not one person can jump in and relieve the situation? Given that fact, it becomes clear that in having an AED program, the AED device is not the one and only thing to think about. There should also be trained people who can respond to an emergency of a sudden cardiac arrest when the need calls for it. Those people should have not only the right training, but also the adequate state of mind in order to properly address such a dreaded situation. There is no room for hesitation as the use of an AED is a great factor in the survival rate of an SCA victim.