What Makes Learning CPR So Important?

November 21, 2013Comments Off on What Makes Learning CPR So Important?

It’s too bad that there are still many people who don’t appreciate or are just not aware on the significance of knowing at least the basics of CPR. That is why according to the recent statistics, about 70% of people in the US are troubled and feeling hopeless whenever they encounter a cardiac emergency, especially when they happen to be supposedly the immediate responder. This is more alarming when the life threatening situation takes place at home where most likely no one else is around to provide the necessary first aid for the sufferer.

Every year, the National CPR Week is held on June to call out on all Americans and encourage them to get into a training course for CPR, particularly the Hands-Only CPR. The American Heart Association leads the programs and promotions for CPR awareness. They provide a simple 1-minute online video for everyone to learn what cardiopulmonary resuscitation is all about and how it could be optimized to save a person’s life from an emergency cardiac case. Other health organizations also collaborate with AHA and do their own programs as well to help fight this number one killer in the country.

There are a total of around 383,000 sudden cardiac arrest cases that occur outside a hospital or any medical care establishment. In fact, around 88% of cardiac arrest of these cases happens at home rather than in a public place. Every second counts for the life-saver. The more you prolong the sufferer’s condition without applying any first aid, the less likely his survival. Sudden cardiac arrest and other similar heart conditions could occur to both men and women of a wide range of age, but most likely to adults. Who knows? Maybe your loved one who suffers from such life-threatening heart disease could be the next victim.

Heart diseases could be triggered by several factors, including excessive cholesterol and caffeine intake, injury that affects the cardiovascular system, and other diseases that degrade the heart’s functionality and quality of blood. As the saying goes, it is much better to secure prevention rather than to wait until you badly need the cure for it. Thus, people undergoing any sort of life-threatening heart condition are encouraged to turn into healthy living. Other than that, it is also important for anyone to know how to perform basic CPR in order to be prepared enough to become an immediate respondent when faced into such emergency situation. This is primarily composed of external chest compressions that are done at a prescribed depth and timing. Additionally, the knowledge on using an AED is very helpful in maximizing the victim’s chances for survival.

Start your CPR training right away while your loved one is still not in a between-life-and-death situation. Remember that AHA encourages anyone to become a lifesaver even by simply applying Hands-Only CPR as immediate medical aid for the victim. How much more if you are the only one who are with the person under attacked by sudden cardiac arrest? Check out more details about CPR at citywidecpr.com where you could also get into an online CPR training course.