Why Everyone Needs to Learn Using an AED?

February 24, 2014Comments Off on Why Everyone Needs to Learn Using an AED?

It has been suggested by the AHA (American Heart Association) that everyone should be a prepared and effective responder for heart attack sufferers by learning how to use an automated external defibrillator or AED. This is one way to prevent the worsening of the significant increase in casualties brought by heart attack and other life-threatening heart diseases. According to the statistics, such emergency medical conditions usually lead to death when it takes place in an area where there is no nearby medical facility and there is no immediate means of assistance from a medical expert.

Actually, the said recommendation from AHA was derived from the statistical figures indicating that the chance of survival of a person who suffers from sudden malfunctioning of heart significantly decreases in each minute that no first aid care is applied. It should be noted that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the most applicable immediate remedy for a person whose life is in danger due to heart attack or any other similar conditions. Statistics have already concluded that the survival rate of the victim is considerably increased with the immediate use of AED along with CPR. This is further increased when the person doing CPR and using the AED is knowledgeable for either of these. How much more if he/she is expert in both CPR and AED?

Keep in mind that most heart diseases are silent killers and they could take the sufferer’s life anytime and anywhere. Even in the most unexpected situations, cases of seizure due to such medical condition are still likely to take place. It should also be noted that not only the adults are candidates for a deadly heart disease. In fact, health organizations have already been alarmed by their recent studies that have concluded the significant rise of heart disease-related casualties among young adults – both men and women. Many of these cases were found out that the victim was not diagnosed and was not aware to have a life-threatening heart condition.

It then follows that any unusual feeling or symptom that could probably be of a heart disease should be consulted to a doctor right away. Other than learning how to use an AED, helping a loved one recognize his/her heart’s medical condition is a big help to prevent its further worsening. That’s why companies, schools, and other entities are now required to have the members of their community regularly checked up. They are also obliged to acquire an AED, which could be used by any immediate responder whenever an emergency calls within the community’s premises. Also, these preventive measures require training for everyone taking part of the group’s movement against threats of heart attack and other heart diseases.

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