Why it is Important to Have AED Programs

May 20, 2013Comments Off on Why it is Important to Have AED Programs

You might have a clear concept on your mind about sudden cardiac arrest. Normally you would think that older people are the ones who are more susceptible to having it. This is a false belief, however, as it can actually happen to anyone. It does not matter what age a person is or even what condition his health is in, anyone can have a sudden cardiac arrest. It entails a sudden stop at the heart’s function, halting the blood circulation and stopping the bodily functions. In the United States, there is an estimate of about 930,000 people suffering from heart disease. More than 25% of this estimate has suffered from sudden cardiac arrest. The good news is that around 90% of them were easily saved with the use of AEDs.

It cannot be denied that the importance of having an AED program all the more important in the present. The acronym AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator which is a device that helps revives people who have suffered sudden cardiac arrest. The administrator simply measures the heart rhythm of the victim and delivers an electric shock when required, regulating the heart rhythm to its normal pace.

The American Heart Association, also known simply as AHA, is an organization that seeks to have a country that is free from the dangers of heart diseases. They strongly urge people to have people set an appropriate AED program for their homes and business establishments. They believe that as sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, it is important for every place to be geared with the right instruments. They have released an estimate where a total of 100,000 cardiac arrest victims can supposedly be saved if most people can undergo training for the use of the device and the effective execution of an AED program. The findings of several experts affirm the credibility of AHA’s statement as they make it known to the public that the use of AEDs will give SCA victims a 49% increase in their chances of survival. Rescue training is needed for most people, however, if this estimate is to be achieved in real life. The American Heart Association (AHA) is highly aware of this so they took the initiative to come up with their own ways of showing people how important it is to know how to execute a good AED program. They offer training for it in various places around the United States.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is only one of the many organizations who seek to show people the great need for each of them to take advantage of an AED program. The American Red Cross, in particular, is a non-government organization that gives training courses for CPR and AED. Their goal is to help people learn how to respond accordingly to emergency situations. As a matter of fact, the ARC even gives those who have taken their courses, recognition as certified rescuers. This gives them the right to use AEDs that are used by professionals.